Help More People, Make More Money, and Own Your Backyard.


Being a Business RadioX ® Studio Partner

Sets You Apart

Being the Media Has Its Privileges

As a part of the Business RadioX ® earned media network you are The "Go To" Resource for local businesses to tell their story and get the word out.  Almost immediately, other businesses, public relations and marketing firms are sending potential customers your way. You're invited to cover important Association and Industry events, because the leaders from these organizations Know You, Trust You, Like You . . . and they Need You !


The Business RadioX ® innovative media model helps you accelerate relationships by supporting and celebrating the great work happening in your community. Being a Business RadioX ® Studio Partner equips you to consistently deliver Better Results in Less Time --while doing Work That Matters.

Grow Your Business

Use the proven Business RadioX ® system to scale your existing business, to serve other businesses in your market . . . or both. Whichever path you choose, being part of the Business RadioX ® Team substantially Increases Your Value to the community and Multiplies Your Impact.


What People Are Saying About Being A

Business RadioX ® Studio Partner


Amplifying The Voice Of Business

We serve the Fortune 500,000, not just the Fortune 500 -- sharing positive business stories that traditional media ignores. Some media leans left. Some media leans right. We lean business.

Business RadioX ® Studio Partners from across the Network are sharing unscripted conversations from local business leaders serving their market, their community, and their profession.


Why Coaches, Consultants, & Entrepreneurs

Join The Business RadioX ® Network

We've cracked the code for Helping People & Making Money in Radio. There's a reason traditional radio is in such rapid decline and most podcasters make very little money. Actually there are several. You can avoid them all when you join the Business RadioX ® Network, and have a great deal of fun in the process.

If you want a proven business model for building relationships, growing your business, and serving your community, then maybe the Business RadioX ® platform is right for you? 

Whether you want to become an indispensable resource for your business community or simply enhance the value of your existing business, becoming a Business RadioX ® Studio Partner will get you where you want to go.

Help More People. Make More Money. Own Your Backyard.

Stone Payton, Managing Partner

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